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Privacy Policy
Customer Confidentiality PDF Print E-mail

World Net Capital protects customers informationThis website is owned and operated by World Net Capital I, LLC. Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us; your data and information will be held in strict confidence and released to no one except our lender.


Collection of Data: we do not distribute personal information about visitors to our website, customers, or anyone submitting forms and other information except to our lenders after successful prescreening. If you do not qualify for a loan during our prescreening process, all information sent to us will be permanently destroyed. All of your information will be held as confidential.


Use of Data: we do not provide any of the data and information collected to any 3rd parties under any conditions, except to our lender after successful prescreening. All information is held confidential. We do not sell user or customer information to 3rd parties for solicitation purposes. We do not release business or personal files or data to financial agencies, governments, collection agencies, political groups, attorneys, or any other individual or entity for any purpose.


Editing/Deleting account information: if for any reason you are interested in deleting all your information with us at any time, we will do so once you contact us regarding this matter and we verify that you are the owner of this information.


This Privacy Policy states our standards for collection and use of Data and Information from our customers. We protect and safeguard the privacy and information of users of our online services, as well as during the loan application process. We take your privacy seriously and will make all efforts to meet the terms of our Policy and to keep all of your information confidential.

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