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free portfolio evaluation

We provide portfolio review and evaluation services at no cost to you. The resources we have available to potential sellers will greatly increase the chances of completing a profitable sale in a reasonable length of time. We offer professional services to your company to raise cash from debt sales that is immediately available in a predictable amount, rather than in unpredictable amounts during a longer unpredictable time frame.



What We Will Do:

1. Price every asset individually at a fair market value

2. Perform due diligence thoroughly and quickly

3. Close quickly after completing the due diligence and the contract is signed


How We Do It:

Participation with Wall Street Firms, Large Corporations and High Net Worth Individuals - this allows us to always have unlimited funds with enough capital to purchase any size portfolio with no effective upper limit.

Joint Ventures - because of the trust and confidence sellers have with World Net Capital I, we have invited some sellers to participate with us. Instead of WNCI buying the products from them, they can contribute the loans to the Joint Venture (JV) and earn more than if they simply sell it to us. Our motive to JV is that we do not have the risk of purchase, therefore we can do more deals.

Outsourcing (Due Diligence, Servicing, Collections) - outsourcing allows World Net Capital 1 to have the speed necessary to be COMPETITIVE ... depending on the size of the portfolio, it's entirely possible to close in as little as 14 days from the Letter of Intent signing!


What we will not do:

Trade Down - If in competition, offer you a high bid which wipes out all the competition, then when we perform the due diligence, analyze the files, then abruptly mention, "We did not know these loans were this distressed, we cannot pay the price we offered you!"

Cherry Pick - Offer you what appears to be a very good price...then, perform the due diligence, and pick only those loans which match a very strict criteria, offer to buy those loans and leave the remainder with you.

Low-Ball - Assuming you are new to selling loans, or you have a need for cash immediately; offer a price which takes advantage of your situation.


We intend to buy all the loans in your portfolio ... not part of them!

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