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Turn portfolios into cash ... Now! World Net Capital I buys portfolios of debt instruments such as:

1. Real Estate Loans - Single Family and Commercial Property

2. Chattel Loans - Manufactured Housing, Auto, etc.

3. Consumer - Credit Card, Computer, Appliances, Etc.


And the Loans Can Be:

1. Performing, Sub-Performing, Non-Performing

2. In Real Estate Bankruptcy

3. Foreclosed or Repossessed

4. Deficiency Balances/Charged-Off

5. No Upper Limit in Size

6. No matter what status your assets are in, you can turn them into cash with World Net Capital I!


we buy portfolios

When the economy is in a recession, our nation has higher unemployment, higher delinquency rates on payments, and disconnects and charge-offs are on the rise. Companies often seek ways to increase the bottom line and raise cash to avoid the value of their stock plummeting from losses, or to have cash available to avoid further embarrassment. The company's creditors refuse to loan them any more money. An incredible number of companies aren't aware they can sell their debt instruments ... money that is owed them by their customers, for cash.



There are five different "statuses" of debt instruments:

debt instruments status1. Performing - this is a debt instrument that is being paid and received as agreed.

2. Sub-Performing - the borrower skips payments and makes up payments later. This is a prelude to the next "status" which is:

3. Non-Performing - this status occurs when a payment hasn't been made for 60 days, but you saw it coming with the Sub-Performing status.

4. Chapter's 7 & 13 - when a borrower, in essence says, "I'm not going to pay you back, anytime," that's a Chapter 7. But when he says, "I intend to pay you back, but give me a little time to get organized, and I'll have regular payments and get you paid back in full," that's a Chapter 13.

5. Charged Off- when a debt instrument has been through your collection attempts plus, say, 3 others, it's called Charged-Off Debt and most companies abandon that kind of debt and "let it collect dust."


World Net Capital I is your solution to any of these problems. We buy debt instruments in all 5 of the "Statuses" above, including everything from real estate to consumer paper to auto paper. There are over 61 types of debt instruments - there are very few which won't fit us. We solve problems for companies that didn't even know there were solutions.

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