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World Net Capital I Buys Portfolios of Debt Instruments
Turn Your Portfolios into Cash PDF Print E-mail

Turn portfolios into cash ... Now! World Net Capital I buys portfolios of debt instruments such as:

1. Real Estate Loans - Single Family and Commercial Property

2. Chattel Loans - Manufactured Housing, Auto, etc.

3. Consumer - Credit Card, Computer, Appliances, Etc.


And the Loans Can Be:

1. Performing, Sub-Performing, Non-Performing

2. In Real Estate Bankruptcy

3. Foreclosed or Repossessed

4. Deficiency Balances/Charged-Off

5. No Upper Limit in Size

6. No matter what status your assets are in, you can turn them into cash with World Net Capital I!


we buy portfolios

When the economy is in a recession, our nation has higher unemployment, higher delinquency rates on payments, and disconnects and charge-offs are on the rise. Companies often seek ways to increase the bottom line and raise cash to avoid the value of their stock plummeting from losses, or to have cash available to avoid further embarrassment. The company's creditors refuse to loan them any more money. An incredible number of companies aren't aware they can sell their debt instruments ... money that is owed them by their customers, for cash.


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How We Do It PDF Print E-mail

free portfolio evaluation

We provide portfolio review and evaluation services at no cost to you. The resources we have available to potential sellers will greatly increase the chances of completing a profitable sale in a reasonable length of time. We offer professional services to your company to raise cash from debt sales that is immediately available in a predictable amount, rather than in unpredictable amounts during a longer unpredictable time frame.


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