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World Net Capital I mortgage services

World Net Capital I and its Team of mortgage service providers offer customized solutions for your loan investor relationships and warehousing needs. Our Team includes financial experts, traders, analysts, accountants, and a group of state, regional, and national banks (our Clients) with diverse investment needs looking for competitive advantages in the mortgage industry. We welcome brokers, correspondent lenders, and mortgage bankers to be part of our team and to share in our success.


Our Team provides three primary services:

  1. Package new loans for closing, including processing, underwriting, quality control, quality assurance, and closing document preparation. These services are performed by a group of experienced mortgage professionals that are part of our permanent Team. They originate, close and fund retail mortgages as well as providing these services for our third party wholesale customers.
  2. Provide warehouse funding facilities for mortgage brokers, correspondents, and banks to fund residential loans; we purchase loans from you at closing. Our Team includes a group of banks that provide the warehouse funds, and a group of investors that buy the closed loans when they are finalized.
  3. Risk Management - hedge mortgage interest rates for our Clients, package loans for sale/securitization, then sell them to investors; does not affect our customers. These services are performed by our Tradedesk staff.


Our Team can do the loan processing, underwriting, closing documents, QA/QC, trailing documents, etc. for loans you originate. We are licensed in every state and can perform this service for the same or lower cost you now have. If you would like to originate mortgage loans without the need to add costly processing and underwriting staff, our Team can do these services for you. In the typical situation, our correspondents originate and process the loans, then our Team underwrites, prepares closing documents, and funds the loans through your warehouse facility which we provide. We have affiliated banks that provide the warehouse funds, and a group of investors that purchase the closed mortgages after everything is final.


The Tradedesk distributes loan pricing each morning to all customers, including our own loan officers and all Correspondent and Third Party Originator accounts. Pricing strategies are based on base pricing from multiple investors, and then, inputting a calculated margin (risk-based profit target). This margin is consistently analyzed in consideration of profit targets of the Team. Loan level formulas (i.e. pricing margins and loan level adjustments) for determining appropriate base pricing are established, reviewed, and maintained. Pricing strategies (i.e. base pricing) are reflective of pricing from an approved investor that would be available at the time the loan is pointed toward commitment.


The Tradedesk’s risk management approach is to always be risk averse and neutral to, or insulated from, market price movement. The primary purpose of the hedge program is to protect predetermined profit margins for the time period beginning at acceptance of the rate lock until the time of investor commitment. Hedging programs, market analysis, and reports are designed to identify and measure the price risk associated with a changing interest rate market. Hedge strategies are then implemented to mitigate the identified price risk. Sources of fallout risk can also be located and steps can be taken to lessen the negative impact. The Tradedesk’s Hedge Model takes into account changes in best execution interest rate sensitivity in calculating the risk profile. As the interest rate market moves, note rate best execution will change between the high and low coupon available for various note rates. Hedge rate locks allocated to lower coupons will have less interest rate sensitivity than rate locks allocated to higher coupons.


We offer a unique opportunity for those in need of warehouse funding, and if you already have a warehouse established, we are highly competitive and have proven to be substantially cheaper than our competitors. Our warehouse process is surprisingly easy. Most warehouse lines take months to get set up for you to use! We can have you using the line within two weeks of your Application approval. After you close a loan using our warehouse facility, we will buy the mortgage servicing released. If you already have a warehouse line, more than likely we can offer you a better deal. You get paid at closing when we receive complete closing docs, so you don’t have much waiting time to get your money.



Our goal is to expand our Team of mortgage brokers and lenders.

You can grow with our Team - contact us today.

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