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Submit an online applicationWorld Net Capital I provides commercial loans, no upfront application fees for projects of all types. Many commercial mortgage companies will charge a fee to begin processing your application documents. We do not ... that means that you can apply for a commercial loan with World Net Capital I at no risk to you!


Our fees are charged during final loan processing and closing and cover application processing and closing costs, including applicable loan origination points.


The are other expenses that most borrowers will incur prior to getting a loan. These include property inspection and appraisal, environmental assessment or analysis depending on property type, and survey. Some borrowers may also hire an accountant to perform a cash flow analysis, prepare a business plan, or perform a cost estimate for construction or improvements if the loan is for that purpose. World Net Capital I can prepare the business plan and cash flow analysis if you want us to at a reasonable cost.


We will tell you what the total closing/packaging costs will be after you submit the information required on our Loan Application Checklist, and we have determined that you are qualified for one of our loans. You can submit our short Online Application now to get the process started. We charge no upfront fees for commercial loans before we determine you are eligible and qualified for one of our loans.

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