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World Net Capital I provides customized Financial Services for our nation’s residential mortgage community. We provide the complete range of services needed for brokers, correspondents, bankers, and finance companies to enhance their services and increase their bottom line. The highlight of our service is our Mortgage Warehouse Funding Facility. You must have adequate access to capital to fund your mortgage loan activity to keep up with your customer demands or to expand your business activity. Whether you want your first warehouse funding facility or are seeking additional funding sources, selecting the right warehouse funding partner is more critical than ever. World Net Capital I can provide your company with more than just the necessary capital to fund your mortgage loans — we can provide you with a competitive advantage to take your business to the next level.


Residential MortgageWe offer easy-to-get warehouse funding for mortgage lending throughout the USA, and we buy the loans from you after they close. We have no upfront fees and offer 100% funding on the warehouse with no haircuts! We pay more for your loans on the "back end" than our competitors. We require no personal guarantees, zero margin money or buy down, and the funding facility is easy to get and use. If you are a broker, you can become a mini-correspondent with our warehouse facility so that you can close loans in your name and make money when we sell your loans in the secondary market. If you already are a correspondent, you can supplement your funding with our warehouse, or replace your existing warehouse entirely.


We provide warehouse funding from $1 million to $10 million for USDA, FHA, VA, and Conventional mortgage loans, including conventional homes and manufactured homes. After we receive a completed Application and Checklist, we will call you to discuss your specific needs regarding the warehouse line. Please check with us before you get your warehouse funds from our competitors. If you already have warehouse funding, more than likely we can offer you a better deal.


We also offer cost effective and efficient loan processing, underwriting, closing, QA / QC, etc. for loans you originate. If you would like to continue to operate as a broker, you can originate and process mortgage loans while our Team does the rest for you. Or, you can originate/process loans and use our warehouse funding to fund the loans, then you can close them in your name to earn more money on the sale of the mortgages.



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