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Mortgage Calculator
The Basics
Enter required loan details.
Fees & Other
Enter all fees or other payment modifiers.
Select options as desired.
Purchase Price ($)
Interest Rate (%)
Term in Years (Max 30)
Down Payment ($)
Loan Fees ($)
Monthly Principal Added ($)
Printed Loan Label
Make Biweekly Payments
Create Amortization Table
By Month By Year
Calculator by Zapus


This mortgage calculator can be used to determine your monthly or annual loan payments. Input includes biweekly payments, added monthly principal, interest, loan period, loan amount, and down payment. It can also produce an amortization table which you can label and print. Now using modal pop-up to display results that are printable. You can label the loan you are calculating and see the label on the printout. It helps you keep track of multiple loans for you or your clients. Monthly and Yearly Amortization Schedules can be generated (configurable to show in-line or in a pop-up window). Add monthly principal to see how much earlier your mortgage will be paid off.



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