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Debt to Income Ratio (DTI) Calculator - Step 1
What is DTI?
"Gross Monthly Income
Enter the total gross monthly income for each borrower. Gross income describes income before "taxes" are taken out of your paycheck." If there are more than 2 borrowers please combine additional incomes in the borrower 2 field.
Borrower 1 Income ($)
Borrower 2 Income ($)
Calculator by Zapus


Calculate your DTI, helping to better understand loan affordability. This calculator uses a 3-step approach, where users enter income (for 2 borrowers), housing payments, and then any other liabilities such as auto payments. Results are displayed in clean and readable view, color coding the results to help the user understand better where they stand. Results include a breakdown of all entered values by DTI, helping you to understand where the majority of your income is going. Results provide a dollar amount breakdown as well. If DTI exceeds ideal levels, suggestions for the user are displayed to help you know where to start in your efforts to lower DTI.



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