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Property Approved for Commercial Loans


new construction is eligible propertyWorld Net Capital I provides loans for a wide range of commercial property. Our eligible property includes existing and new construction, as well as rehab and expansion for the property types listed. We also accept owner occupied and investor owned properties. The following lists contain most of the properties that are eligible and ineligible for our lending program, as well as a list of ineligible states. We can work in the ineligible states if we work through a broker licensed to operate in that state. If you don’t see your type of property on our list, please call or send us an email and we will let you know if we can help. If you would like to get your application process started immediately, just fill out our Online Application and submit it.

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  - Retail

  - Shopping Centers

  - Office

  - Office Building

  - MultiFamily

  - Apartments

  - Warehouse

  - Self-Storage (Mini-warehouse)

  - Funeral Home

  - Mobile Home Parks

  - Recreational Facilities

  - Mixed Use

  - Church

  - Health Care

  - Medical Office

  - Light Industrial

  - Hotel/Motel

  - Assisted Living

  - Daycare

  - Golf Courses

  - Marinas

  - Casinos

  - Gas Stations

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Ineligible Property PDF Print E-mail


  - Land

  - Car Washes

  - Co-op or Timeshare

  - Fitness Centers

  - SRO Property

  - Tank Farms


Ineligible states:

  - Arizona

  - Arkansas

  - Florida

  - Maryland

  - Nevada

  - North Dakota

  - South Dakota

  - Wisconsin

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