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Commercial Loan Products
Types of Loans PDF Print E-mail

apartment commercial loansWorld Net Capital I offers various types of commercial loans to meet your diverse business needs. Loans are usually secured with collateral (business-owned or personal assets) and require some amount of equity from the business owner. We offer conventional commercial loans with fixed and variable interest, federally guaranteed loans, including SBA 504 loans and B&I loans, and hard money loans. Loans can be used to start up a new company, purchase inventory or new equipment, fund new construction, perform renovations and repairs, buy existing businesses, buy a commercial building for new or existing business, expand an existing business, refinance an existing mortgage, cover emergency expenses, and to provide investment capital. We offer loans for owner-occupied businesses and investor owned businesses, and provide equipment lease financing. Please call us if you need help with your business loan needs.


The commercial loan products we offer may be used for many property types, including: office, retail, multifamily, warehouse, light industrial, medical, day care, hotels, church, funeral homes, and many others. Please visit our property types webpage for a more complete listing of eligible properties. We do not offer our commercial loan products for gas stations, raw land, or golf courses, to name a few.

What Type of Loan is Best? PDF Print E-mail

best commercial loanThe best commercial loan is the one that costs the least amount to get, requires the least amount of equity, has the lowest interest rate, has a long term and amortization with no balloon payment, and can be approved. The best loan for you will depend on your specific situation, including factors such as your credit history, business cash flow, equity in your business, amount of loan, business revenue, business history, and why you need the money. Many financial institutions charge upfront application fees before loan processing even begins. World Net Capital I provides commercial loans and charges no application fees.


A conventional commercial loan usually provides the lowest interest rates, but it may be harder for you to qualify for approval, and you generally need more equity (down payment), which means the loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is lower. If you are unsure of whether or not you would get approved for a conventional loan for your business, you can send us an email, submit our online application, or give us a call and we can help you decide. You should have your basic information in hand before you begin any loan application process. Lenders prefer borrowers with low risk that are getting a loan for a low risk business.


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