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Commercial Loan Application Forms
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Convenient commercial loans onlineWorld Net Capital I has prepared its own online forms and checklists for your ease and convenience in recording and submitting information needed for the commercial loan application process. These forms are listed on the right. All you have to do is "click" on the applicable form or checklist with your left mouse button and a "File Download" dialogue box will open. Select the "Save" button and save the file to your computer. Just repeat this process for each form you will need. You can then complete each form at your convenience and save it to your computer. When you have completed all the required forms listed on the Commercial Loan Checklist, please email them to us.


We will work closely with you throughout the loan application process. The first step must be initiated by you. You can either complete our Online Application contained in the top menu of our website, or complete and submit the first three forms listed at the right. We will evaluate the initial data you submit to determine if we think we can secure the loan which you are seeking.  One of our Loan Specialists will call you to disscuss your scenario so we can make a determination of your eligibility for our loan programs and determine if you will qualify for your loan.  Eventually, you must supply all of the information listed on our Commercial Loan Checklist. Complete our Online Forms and supply the other forms and information as indicated on the checklist. We may ask for additional information if it is needed. Some of the things on our checklist may not be applicable to your loan, such as the Rent Roll or Schedule of Real Estate Owned. In these cases, just check “no.” After you submit the information and everything is acceptable, we will notify you that you are qualified for the loan and send you a Loan Term Sheet. 


We have an optional Online Application that is accessible from the Top Menu on our website. This Online Application can be completed and submitted before you complete the Commercial Loan Application form so that we can begin to review your loan request and put it in our queue. It can speed up your request for a loan with no upfront fees.


We can't state enough that we charge zero upfront application fees. This is a significant fact that you should take into consideration. Most of our competitors charge an upfront fee whether they are successful at closing your loan or not. If we do not close your loan, you do not pay us. Plain and simple!  This can save you thousands of dollars, making our services risk free. Fees are normally charged because it takes a lot of effort to process your application, collect your information, and find the best loan program for your needs.

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Please begin the Application Process by reviewing the Loan Application Checklist. Select the forms you need and open them or save them to your computer; the forms have boxes for you to enter your data as needed. Be sure to save each form on your computer when you are finished. Complete the forms on your computer at your convenience and print them. Sign the printed forms where required, then scan and email them to us at the address below. We will begin our customer qualification process for your loan request as soon as we receive Forms 1, 2, and 3 on the list below; however, we will need all the information contained on the Loan Application Checklist before a loan request can be processed. In addition to the required forms, we will need business and personal federal tax returns for the last 3 years, and business income and expense statements and balance sheets for the last 3 years. Please submit the completed (scanned) forms and other information to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



    WNCI Commercial Loan Forms:

  1. Loan Application Checklist
  2. Commercial Loan Application
  3. Property Information Form
  4. Cash Flow Statement
  5. Environmental Questionnaire
  6. Rent Roll Form
  7. Schedule of Real Estate Owned
  8. Borrower's Certification and Authorization
  9. Personal Guarantor Form
  10. Personal Resume
  11. Credit Information Disclosure
  12. Business Debt Schedule
  13. Verification of Deposit
  14. Personal Financial Statement (SBA Form 413)
  15. Universal Residential Loan Application (1003)


    Forms for Brokers:

  1. Broker Application
  2. IRS W-9 Form



You may submit your own forms if they contain the required information, such as your resume and cash flow statement. Please email or call us if you have any questions about our forms or the information you have to submit. The forms and required information are generally self-explanatory. The last set of forms is for Brokers only.

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