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Become a Commercial Loan Broker for World Net Capital I
We Team with Brokers across the USA PDF Print E-mail


contact us if your a commercial loan brokerWorld Net Capital I teams with established commercial mortgage brokers to get financing for their customers across the nation. Brokers are usually located in the communities where the business funding needs are, and many local business owners seek loans from them. We are pleased to say that we work with brokers as well as directly with the business owners.


A commercial mortgage broker is knowledgeable with the loan programs available today, as well as current interest rates, terms, and qualification requirements. Brokers can help borrowers select the applicable loan product and complete the necessary forms and information assembly. They can also help borrowers understand the technical information needed to apply for a loan, and can give a borrower advice on loan costs and the likelihood of loan approval. Brokers are instrumental in helping business owners obtain funding and can even help find the best investment property in the community.


A commercial mortgage broker will make the process of getting a loan much easier, and can help the borrower save time and money. They are aware of all the documentation needed and will make sure that borrowers have what is needed to apply for a loan. World Net Capital I welcomes loan applications from brokers and attributes much of its past success on broker relationships.


Brokers can work with borrowers and complete all the necessary paperwork and information assembly then submit it to us, or they can refer borrowers directly to us. Many referrals are for borrowers that brokers are unable to place elsewhere.

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Apply to Be Our Broker PDF Print E-mail

If you are a broker and want to expand you business, World Net Capital I invites you to join our commercial lending team to increase your success in commercial financing for your customers. If you are interested in partnering with us, please complete the Commercial Broker Application and send the completed form to our office. This forms can be accessed from the “Commercial Loans" Menu on our website. We will pay you a generous percentage of fees collected by us when the loan closes for both referrals and application submissions

loan brokers wanted for our commercial lending team


Upon receipt of a referral or completed commercial loan application package, we ask brokers to execute our "Commercial Loan Brokerage Agreement" which we will email to you. All we need for referrals is the borrower’s name, address, phone number, and a short summary of his/her needs; alternately the broker can have the borrower contact us. We pay broker commissions promptly after we close the loan and receive our fee.




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