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Apply for a Commercial Loan
Documentation Needed for Commercial Loans PDF Print E-mail

business plan

If you are a business owner and you need a commercial loan to fund a new project, buy another property, renovate your existing property, or some other business-related expense, you will have to thoroughly plan and evaluate your project and the effect it will have on your business. You will also have to gather and submit a lot of detailed information and data to support your business and finances so that we can fully evaluate your ability to repay the loan.


The best thing to do is to collect everything in advance and use our checklists and forms to report what is needed. Most of your information will be reported on our forms; if you take a quick look at our checklists and forms, you will see the information you need to supply. You may have information on forms and reports you have completed for other purposes, such as your tax returns and financial statements. Or, You may already have a business plan prepared for other purposes. You can use these documents as they are if they contain the things we need.

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Loan Application Procedure PDF Print E-mail

complete application forms on computerWorld Net Capital I offers commercial loans in the convenience of your office or home. You have to complete all the required forms and provide supporting documentation, and meet our qualifications to get approved for a commercial loan. Our forms can be accessed from the Commercial Loans Menu of our website by selecting the menu tab Commercial Loan Forms.


World Net Capital I will evaluate your loan request at no cost to you. First you must submit enough information to allow our Loan Specialists to evaluate your request and determine if you will qualify for the loan you are seeking. We will review the information you submit and do our best to find a loan that will work for your situation. If we determine that you are eligible for one of our loans, we will issue a Term Sheet that defines the loan terms and conditions. If you are not eligible, we will tell you so. World Net Capital I charges no upfront application fees unlike most of our competitors. If we determine that you are not eligible for our loan program after we complete the prescreening process, you will not have to pay any fees or costs of any kind whatsoever.

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