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World Net Capital I has teamed with a group of highly experienced financial experts and banks to offer the residential mortgage industry a vast array of business services. 


The Team we refer to on this website is called our Affiliated Financial Group (AFG). World Net Capital I (WNCI) is the marketing / coordination firm for our Affiliated Financial Group that includes:


1) a National Mortgage Firm (MF) that performs loan underwriting (and processing if needed), loan approval, closing, loan QC and QA, and funding for our Brokers and Correspondents, as well as loan origination;


2) a Risk Management Firm / Trading Firm (RMF) that locks interest rates, issues rate sheets and individual loan pricing, manages interest rate risks, and manages trading of the loans for the Banks; and


3) a group of Banks that provide the warehouse funds for our brokers and correspondents (Customers) to use for issuing mortgage loans to home buyers.


Combined, AFG performs a wide range of wholesale and retail mortgage services, issues mortgage warehouse funding facilities, and transfers loans at closing to investors or securitization pools. We have HUD/FHA approvals including Direct Endorsement (DE). Our group’s internal retail operations originate over 200 loans per month. Our headquarters are located in Evansville, Indiana. You will learn the names of our team member after you become a member as well. If you would like to join our team as a broker, correspondent lender, or mortgage banker, please contact us today! Everything you need to get started is on our website.


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