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World Net Capital I Commercial Loans
World Net Capital I, LLC is a financial services expert providing commercial loans and other financial services for over 30 years. The company was organized on March 11, 1999 by our president, Earl H. Powers and is located on the Ohio river in Evansville, a bustling little city in southern Indiana. World Net Capital I was formed to replace Mr. Powers' previous company, First National Mortgage Company Inc. of Evansville, which was organized on February 6, 1978. First National Mortgage Company was engaged in the same business. Today, we are adding partners to our existing list of select professional mortgage companies, banks, and other mortgage lenders to assist us in providing loans to America's residential and business communities.


World Net Capital I has teamed with successful mortgage experts and lenders to provide customized Financial Services for residential brokers, bankers, correspondents, and finance companies to enhance their services and increase their bottom line. The highlight of our service is our Mortgage Warehouse Facility. You need adequate access to capital to fund your mortgage loan activity to keep up with customer demands or to expand your business activity. Whether you want your first warehouse funding facility or are seeking additional funding sources, selecting the right warehouse funding partner is critical. World Net Capital I can provide your company with more than just the necessary capital to fund your mortgage inventory — we can provide you with a competitive advantage to take your business to the next level.


World Net Capital I and its Team offers competitive long-term commercial loans through a network of approved mortgage brokers and lending groups. Our loans are often securitized with other commercial loan products though brokers and lending-approved partners. By providing services through the internet, we reduce the costs of commercial lending and provide a national presence. We offer a wide variety of loan products for many property types at low cost and competitive pricing. We price in attractive loan premiums for our brokers and correspondents.


We have successfully completed funding for many projects throughout the nation, including commercial real estate, residential properties, and portfolios, totaling in excess of one billion dollars! We provide conventional commercial loans with a minimum 60% LTV, SBA loans up to 90% LTV, and B&I loans up to 90% LTV. We also provide hard money loans and purchase portfolios of debt instruments.


We are now focusing heavily on residential mortgage services; our Team provides warehouse funding from $1 million to $10 million for USDA, FHA, VA, and Conventional mortgage loans, including conventional homes and manufactured homes. We also provide underwriting services, QA and QC, interest rate risk management, and secondary marketing services.


World Net Capital I and its Team provide commercial loans and financial services with no upfront fees, making it easy, affordable, and risk free for our customers to apply for a loan. We use a convenient process that makes it easy for our customers.  World Net Capital I does not directly perform residentional loan origination, processing, underwriting, or funding; our affiliated Team of experts performs these services.  We act as a marketing agent for our Team when providing residential financial services.

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